Tracy Hamilton

Tracy Hamilton is a musician, a songwriter, recording artist and percussionist who has been on the drummer’s path for over 20 years. She is a drum facilitator, percussion teacher and ritual drummer for spiritual ceremonies, meditations and journeys.

Over the years, Tracy has performed and recorded with a variety of talented artists and groups such as Edwina Lee Tyler, Womba, Rhythm Tribe, Cathy Kreger, Dan Bailey, Jessie Haynes, Akiva the Believer, John Ward, Sewa Folee, Daphne’s Divine Dance (aka 3D Studios)…just to name a few.

Tracy is the founding member of Sangba Soul. When not jamming with her sistahs, she leads community drum circles for kids and adults, teaches drum classes and workshops, facilitates drum meditation and sound healing sessions, leads rhythmic ritual ceremonies. In addition, she also writes/records her own original Alternative/Indie music under PopRANT. 

Tracy's love of music and joy of drumming is infectious and inspiring. She is always there to help others find their “rhythmic voice”. 

Sharon Pataky

A lifetime lover of music, song and dance, Sharon Pataky found her chance to learn the djembe through her Unitarian Universalist faith in 2007. She is a member of her congregation’s Drum Ministry the DrUUmatics, whose mission is to build community through the healing rhythms of the drum.

She currently teaches classes and workshops, facilitates drum circles, and performs with the DrUUmatics at Sunday services, fundraising events and special programs, with John Ward’s Sewa Folee for the LIU Post Concert Dance Company, and with all women’s drum group Sangba Soul.

Sharon is a long time student of “Jembe” John Ward, and her instructors have included some of the masters of the djembe – Mamady Keita, Famoudou Konate, Bolokada Conde and M'Bemba Bangoura. This drum journey has brought great healing and joy to Sharon, and she hopes to ignite that passion in you!

Val Domfort

Known as being a frigidity child, the inner call to drum has been Valerie Domfort's existence forever. She played on her mom's pots and pans as a young child and moved up to her brother's paper drum set when she was around 7 years old.

Valerie found her passion for drumming in the Spanish Harlem parks where she grew up. Musicians regularly jammed in the parks with congas, bongos, timbales, etc., as the children played, danced or simply watched. Valerie did all of the above.

Throughout her life, Valerie has played percussion in bands, for dance collaborations, community events and most recently graduations. It gives Valerie great joy to be part of Sangba Soul with her drum sistahs...much love!

Robin Burdulis

Robin Burdulis was a child prodigy of pots, pans, alarm clocks and garbage cans. Now she is a versatile percussionist performing in a wide variety of musical projects. The New York Times says that, "Robin...makes her percussion instruments sing like a symphony," and Philadelphia's Au Courant says, "Burdulis' mastery of percussion is both subtle and commanding."

Her creative improvisation workshops have been presented throughout the East Coast and were featured on BBC Radio. She has appeared on PBS' "Reading Rainbow" and on many other radio and TV broadcasts.

She has performed for Bollywood’s A.R. Rahman in his first North American tour.

As an activist, she has organized drumming contingents for numerous human rights demonstrations and actions.

Robin has been featured on numerous recordings, has performed and arranged for theatre and dance companies, and has been an artist-in-residence in the NYC public school system.

Robin has traveled to Ghana, The Gambia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Brazil and Cuba to research, study and perform. Her research specializes in women and drumming worldwide.