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PopRANT is a melodic and rhythmic blend of Pop Punk sensibilities and a throwback to an era of great hooks and tight tunes.  PopRANT is chaos, calm and creativity  - a ball of emotions and stream of ideas that will open you up and bring you back. 

PopRANT II is HERE!!!!

Spring is here and PopRant II:Distorted Boogaloo is live! Need a little music to brighten your day? Download the new CD now available on iTunes,, just to name a few.


PopRANT II is on the way!

PopRANT II is in the final stages of production - another album chock full of tunes. ‚ÄčThe PopRANT PreVIEW for the new album is "Halo" - a song with an old school rocker vibe.  Turn it up, sit back and enjoy!


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