PopRANT II: Distorted Boogaloo

PopRANT II is on the way​!

PopRANT II is in the final stages of production - another album chock full of tunes. ​The PopRANT PreVIEW for the new album is "Halo" - a song with an old school rocker vibe. Turn it up, sit back and enjoy!

Making of a Song 1

So you may be wondering, how do I do it? Well, here's the first in a small trio of videos showing you how I lay it down for one of the new PopRANT II tracks. I start out with drums first and work it from there. Which song is it? Get the new album and find out!

Making of a Song 2

This is the 2nd installment. Now it's time to lay down the bottom. I got the serious bass player look down and just rolling along with the drum track. Enjoy!

Making of a Song 3

Finally, we get to the guitars...which were double layered for your pleasure. Just having some fun laying down the last of the musical bed for the vocals to come. Want to know what the full song sounds like? Get PopRANT II: Distorted Boogaloo for the full experience!

PopRANT (debut album)

PopRANT is coming!!!

PopRANT's debut album will be released soon.

Watch this space for more information and how you can be part of the magnetic movement.

We're Getting Closer!!!

The CD has finished baking and will soon be on it's way to an online store near you!


In anticipation of the official release of the PopRANT debut album, I offer you a sneak peek at one of the tracks called "Life Wide Shut".

I chose this song because it's about defiance - living your life out loud and BOLD, no matter what you look like, who you love or how you pray.

So listen, pogo dance, sing along, share this video with a friend and buy the album when it drops. Enjoy and thanks everyone!

PopRANT is Here!

The wait is over! PopRANT's debut album is finally available on CDBaby.com as well as other favorite online and streaming services. Don't stay in the dark - get your copy today!

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